Catalytic Converters

One of the largest stocks in the region of catalytic converters.

Pattern service available please phone for details.

We stock catalytic converters from all the major manufactures enabling us to give you the best prices allowing us to compete with our competitors but a catalytic converter as well as being part of your vehicles exhaust system it is also part of the engine management system so with vehicle manufactures making engine management systems more complex why not ask our advice.

Phone or call in to your nearest Challenger depot where a team member will be able to advise you on what would be best for your vehicle.

All petrol cars from 1993 onwards were fitted with catalytic converters.

A catalytic converter is basically a filter for your cars exhaust system, which with a combination of heat and precious metals, a chemical reaction occurs allowing harmful gases to be converted in to natural ones. They are always located as near to the engine as possible to reach their optimum working temperature.

A Catalytic converter was designed to last the life of your vehicle but that all depends on how you look after your vehicle keeping up with manufactures service recommendations is a must.
Catalytic converters are very efficient and work in conjunction with the oxygen or better known as the lambda sensor this monitors the amount of oxygen in the exhaust gases and sends this information to the ECU engine management system. The ECU then using information sent by the lambda sensor continually adjusts the air/ fuel mixture to give a clean and efficient combustion under all operating conditions.

You can find out more information about catalytic converters by going to the manufactures websites links below.