Air Conditioning

We offer a full car Air Conditioning system service and air-con re-gas from £48 at our Rutland Road branch in Sheffield.

Lower the temperature and increase the efficiency of your Air-Con...

Manufacturers usually recommend servicing and a re-gas of air conditioning and climate control systems every 18-24 months, but as this doesn’t form part of a regular vehicle service it can often get overlooked. We offer a drop in service, so no appointment necessary, and our prices start from only £48 including VAT for a full Air-Con re-gas. Air-con regassing is avaialble at our Challenger Tyres branch at Rutland Road Garage. For more information give us a call on 0114 2766661 or use the Contact Challenger form below.

Why an Air-Conditioning Service is needed

Your Air-Con system can lose up to 15%-20% of its refrigerant each year, causing components within the system to dry out which can lead to leaks. This reduction causes extra strain to be placed on the compressor as it then has work harder to pump the refrigerant through the system, increasing the chances of it wearing out.

With the gradual loss of refrigerant you might not notice any problems until it’s too late. Signs to look out for that mean your air-conditioning may be in need of a service are:

  • Strange noises when your air conditioning is running
  • Your vehicle doesn’t seem to get as cold
  • Windows are slow to demist

You may even notice a funny smell or that you get a sore throat or allergies, brought on by a buildup of bacteria and fungus in the evaporator.

A good test of the temperature is to switch the fan and air conditioning both up to full for a minute or two, at which point the air coming out of the vents should be almost freezing.

Air Conditioning Service

When you bring your vehicle in to our Handsworth Road garage for an Air-Con service and re-gas, we’ll first check the components and electrics of your air-conditioning as well as checking the internal controls. Then we remove all of the existing refrigerant along with any moisture from within the system, pressure test it for leaks, before we recharge your air conditioning with gas and lubricant to ensure the seals keep working correctly. This is then followed by a post re-gas check of the controls and the temperature, which we find has usually been reduced by a minimum of 10%.

No appointment is necessary, just call in, grab a coffee and we’ll have the full service done in about 1hr.

Looking after your Air-Con

As well as having your air conditioning serviced every 18-24 months, it’s good practice to have it running for at least an hour each week to keep the system components from drying out, making them susceptible to leaks. Failing this, 5 minutes on full each week will help significantly reduce the risk of leaks.

Use it in winter too. Not only will this be beneficial to the system but you’ll find the dryer, warmer air is much better at demisting your windows than the humid air sucked in to your car from outside.