Company Profile

Challenger Tyres first emerged as a family owned business over 30 years ago, when the current management bought out a tyre and exhaust wholesaling business from a larger parent. The company only moved into retailing after the exhaust supplier went out of business. The company owned the Staniforth Road and Handsworth sites, so these became the first Challenger depots in 1983.

Because they were being managed by the wholesaling business (and still are today), the branches prospered and it took another business failure opportunity in 1995 for Challenger to acquire its third site on Rutland Road. The head office of the firm was then moved from Staniforth Road to Rutland Road, where it remains today.

Finally in 1998, The Hoyland Common - Barnsley-based branch of Superfit was acquired by the company, bringing the fourth Challenger outlet into commission.

Today the company operates a comprehensive tyre, exhaust and brake fitting service at all its sites, and is able to offer a permanently competitive service through the support of its wholesaling activity within the motor trade.

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