Wheel Alignment

We have for a number of years now been known as the people with reputation and expertise to put your vehicles wheel alignment right. Even major dealerships are bringing their vehicles to us for wheel alignment.


 while at Handsworth have the super tracker machines, which is not computerised.

We are able to offer wheel alignments to suit all budgets:

Manual Alignment at £25.00 per adjustment - Uses hang on gauges - offered as front measurement only. This is more commonly known as tracking.

Whichever type of wheel alignment you choose, both require us to do a detailed pre-alignment check of your vehicle.

Why should you have your vehicles wheel alignment checked?

  • To keep you safe
  • To stop premature tyre wear
  • Improve your cars handling which will save you money on fuel consumption as well

So ask yourself a few simple questions.

1. Are your tyres wearing out too soon?

2. Does your car squeal when going round corners?

3. Have you hit a kerb or been involved in an accident?

All good reasons for having your cars wheel alignment checked.

So phone, use the Contact Challenger form below, or call in to your nearest Challenger and ask for details of our FREE wheel alignment checks